We appreciate YOU!

It's easy to get caught up in the daily craziness that this business has been the past couple months, but we wanted to take a minute and thank everyone.  A business cannot exist without the people who support it.  Throughout the past few years many of you have watched Cape Crabbers adapt and grow.  For those of you who have stood behind our brand since the beginning we are forever indebted to you. To the people who we have met this summer, it is you that have turned this business from a cool idea, to the readily growing brand that we have become.

Nothing is cooler than seeing a complete stranger embrace Cape Crabbers, and it is that feeling of an expanding unity with our customers that makes all of this hard work worth it.  I hope that the coming months and years are filled with new friends and continued growth.  We are determined to build a new USA Made apparel empire for all of you to enjoy.  

Thanks again, and don't forget "Life is a Vacation"

Zane & Melissa

p.s Feel free to use discount code: FANS4L and receive 10% off your next order!