About Us

About us:

Inspired by the American Dream and designed to put you in a seaside state of mind.  Cape Crabbers is a fusion of fun, preppy, nautical styles we call Classic Cool.  Started at the end 2009 by two best friends as we prepared for another long winter in the Northeast, Cape Crabbers has always been about taking your mind to the beach no matter what it looks like outside.  We've since borrowed a saying from one of the most positive people we ever knew and made it our motto.
"life is a vacation"

Our Story:

Cape Crabbers was born on the first day of winter in 2009 as two lifelong friends were buzzing off two large coffees at their favorite coffee spot. From there we learned how to screen print in the garage of our parents houses and started designing nautically themed t-shirts, many of which featured our first logo, Petey the Crab.  People literally thought we were crazy, and we used it to motivate us.
We like to look at our brand as a fine wine that gets better with age.   As we matured, so did our style. In 2012 we introduced our CC Anchor or our "double anchor" logo as its known by some.  It was designed to evoke summer's nostalgic memories and is a symbol of hope.  After two years of planning and designing, we took Cape Crabbers to the small beach town in Cape Cod called Chatham, MA. Throughout the spring and summer we set up shop up and down the coastline, sharing our classic cool style, story, and message to everyone we met.  

100% USA Made:

Our version of the American Dream is all about working hard and helping other people to get what they want out of life.  You can feel just as good as you look when you wear Cape Crabbers, knowing you're doing your part to keep America on top . Our USA MADE apparel allows us to be 100% confident in our products quality and allows us to oversee its production from start to finish.
Life is a Vacation,
Zane & Melissa

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