Life IS a Vacation & Fathers Day Event in Hyannis

Posted on June 13, 2012 by Zane Krumanocker | 2 Comments

Life is a Vacation, thats our motto.  If you can relate, you're on the right track!  If you said "Yeah I wish" you're a Cape Crabbers t-shirt away from changing your attitude.  When we came up with Cape Crabbers in 2009 the whole idea was to create a positive, stylish, apparel company that had a nautical/beachy theme.  At that time we were having a really hard time putting it into words.  

In June of 2010 my father passed suddenly.  We spent the following weeks sitting around talking about good memories we all had with him.  When talking about places we'd LIKE to travel to my dad would often say "Life is a Vacation".  Thats just the way he lived his life.  While we all enjoyed going to spend time along the shore together, he really just appreciated spending quality time together.  "Life is a vacaction"... It just kind of clicked.  Ever since, we've been doing our best to live life with the same joy that he filled it with everyday.

This weekend we have our first event of the Summer which just so happens to be on Father's Day weekend.  It's kind of bittersweet to think about him not being there as we take our first major steps of taking Cape Crabbers to the next level.  At the same time its really cool to continue his legacy with our clothing.  

The event is this weekend at Village Green , 367 Main St. in Hyannis.  
Sat: 10-7:00 
Sun: 9-4:00 

If you're in town come down and see us!  We can't wait to make friends and meet new faces.

Remember: Life is a Vacation, enjoy every minute of it!

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Taking care of things

Posted on May 18, 2012 by Zane Krumanocker | 2 Comments

 The other day I was day dreaming of what it would be like to get a new car.  I pictured myself driving my shiny new car down coast line with some of my favorite tunes bumping.  I looked at my current car and thought "What happened to us?".  This was my dream car a few years ago, the car I begged my parents to co-sign on the loan for me.  

I started to think and what I realized is that a new car isn't what I needed.  No, the problem was that I had neglected my current vehicle inside and out.  It had gotten to the point where I didn't even like to drive it anymore. 

It was a nice day out so I decided it was time to give the car the love it deserved.  I got a trash can, the vacuum cleaner, a cleaning rag and some wax and went to work. When it was all finished I took a step back and admired my NEW shiny, black, clean car.  I couldn't wait to take it for a ride...

The same thing must hold true to less tangible things such as relationships and businesses.  This week I'm doing a little experiment. I'm going to take better care of everything from this website, my dog Marlee, my friendships and maybe if I'm feeling real motivated, I'll tackle cleaning my apartment.  Try it out for yourself.  I guarantee it will give you a more positive outlook on you week. 

Life is a vacation,


p.s don't forget to check out some of the new Crabbers gear on the site and stay tuned for something  we've never done before coming soon!

Our trip to Cape Cod and printing our Summer line!

Posted on April 04, 2012 by Zane Krumanocker | 7 Comments

 Walking down to the ocean at Lighthouse beach in Chatham made me so excited for this summer I can barely sit still to write this right now.  This past week Melissa and I went to Cape Cod to check out this cool little cottage in Yarmouth we plan to stay at for the next six months.  We had a blast walking the streets of Chatham and getting close enough to the ocean to the feel the cool mist (and the very cold wind).  During our little adventure we met some really great people, in particularly a women from The Chatham Beach Dog who was more than helpful and left us smiling with a positive outlook for Cape Crabbers as we got ready to head back home. 

Our future home!

Tucker from Chatham Beach Dog! (We want a big pup now!) 

Melissa lounging at Lighthouse Beach

A look at the Sagamore Bridge as we head home into the sunset 

If anything, this trip was a little reminder of why we're doing this in the first place.  When we got home it was time to kick things into high gear.  Literally that next day we labeled and printed the first installment of our summer line.  Now you might have seen the sneak peak if you either:

 A. Ordered from our website in the past two years


 B. Sent us your address

You can still do either of the two and we'll gladly send you a small gift and early access to our summer line as we build it.  Feel free to e-mail us your address to . I promise you won't regret it!  Anyways check out some of the pictures of us getting ready to print some of the coolest t-shirts Cape Cod has ever seen! 

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Feels so good

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Zane Krumanocker | 3 Comments

It feels so good to be productive.  Really, there is nothing that makes me happier then completing everything I set out to do in a day.  Sure, I wont be able to sleep until Sunday due to all the Redbull I just drank, but that's ok!

There's a lot going on over here at the Crabbers factory, AKA the basement and my miniature apartment.  In order to get ready for summer Melissa and I have reacquainted ourselves with our printing press.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow so you can see the functional chaos that's become my new office space .  For now printing these shirts have been fun, and relatively pain free.  However, I've kept the difficulty of the prints to a minimum until I feel more comfortable. 

I really can't wait to make our American Flag/CC Anchor remix shirt.  We already have the crispy white tees hanging in our closet just begging to be finished. They will be perfect for the July 4th Parade in Chatham MA this year. That being said, I want to extend an invitation to EVERYONE to join us in this 4th of July Parade.  Really, I want anyone and everyone to join us.  If everything goes as planned, this should be the 1 year pre-party for our wedding.  We'll have more details as it gets closer, but if you can, try to pencil in a couple vacation days so we can all have a crazy 4th! 


I'll end this post with a little survey.  Seeing as our new CC Anchor design has been so popular, we were thinking about expanding our color scheme.  Comment below with what colors you'd like to see together! We'll randomly choose someone to win a free flag shirt next Friday!  Enjoy the beautiful weather and we look forward to hearing your ideas!

Be Original, Be Yourself

Posted on March 05, 2012 by Zane Krumanocker | 3 Comments

 Earlier today I received a call from a good friend who was interested in getting some of the new Cape Crabber Anchor Tee's for him and his girlfriend before they left for a vacation to The Dominican Republic.  Right before we were about to get off the phone he said "hold on, do you think you can make me a long-sleeve tee in white or black to go with the other shirts?".  In case you haven't  read any of our older blog posts, we started printing most of our new designs at home on our printing press.  I thought to myself about his question for a second and then repsonded, "Sure, no problem!".  

So today I was at the mall drinking my second large coffee while looking for a nice blank shirt to print our logo on and this crazy idea came to me.  What if we offered one of a kind merchandise for people who wanted something no one else had.  We could print our designs on anything, re-lable it, and BOOM, one of a kind merchandise for anyone who's brave enough for a surprise.  Excited about my new idea, I went on a small shopping spree and picked some things out for Melissa, myself, my friend, and Grandpa Bob (who has been waiting for a blue long sleeve tee for about six months now).  I am now the proud owner of  my one of a kind Sailor hoodie, and I can't wait to give Grandpa Bob his heavy long sleeve CC Anchor tee.  

Be Original, Be Brave! What will your surprise be?

Zane Krumanocker


Reminds me of one of my all time favorite songs

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Check out our Summer Preview!

Posted on February 25, 2012 by Melissa Johnson | 2 Comments

Hey Everyone! Here's a small sample of our summer line that we are so excited about that we had to share it with you now!  Over the past week I've been showing this new logo to friends and family to see their reaction.  For me, I've always struggled with being able to get my guy friends excited about our Crabbers tees.  While I love the crab, I understand their hesitation to flaunt a giant crab on their chest.  With this new logo I feel like we're growing up as a company.  Instead of guys telling me "I'll get one eventually" I'm hearing "I NEED THAT!". 

The one thing I'm noticing is only about 50% of people get the concept of the double anchor.  For those of you that might be confused, the double anchor is supposed to represent the CC in Cape Crabbers (and Cape Cod to some degree).  It also is a symbol of the two of us (Melissa and I) who work hard everyday to eventually reach our dreams.  

 Let us know what you think of the new design in the comment section below!  Thanks for checking them out!

p.s Petey the Crab is still with us and you will see him on plenty of our new shirts!

First Pop-Up Shop

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Melissa Johnson | 2 Comments

 Hey everybody! 

On February 12th, we hosted our first ever Pop-Up Shop! We weren't really sure what to expect and who would show up. We had it at our friend's new restaurant called Ship's Pub. Since it's nautical themed, we thought it was the perfect place to have it. We had an amazing turn out with our friends, family, and more who all turned into Cape Crabbers =) Here are some pictures from our event, enjoy!

The start to our night!

Trying to find the right size!

Cape Crabbers enjoying some food!

More Crabbers!

Happy customers with their new Cape Crabbers gear!

End of the night pic! 

Thanks for a great turn out guys!!

Oh, and remember, Summer is well on it's way! #LifeisaVacation

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