Top 5 Reasons why we are running a Kickstarter

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Zane Krumanocker | 22 Comments

5.  A new brand's success depends on the support of it's first customers.  Kickstarter is a great way to get everyone to team up at once and make something happen quickly.

4.  Summer is right around the corner and we wanted to get product out before the end of April.  This will give us time to get our line in stores before they choose their own summer layouts.

3.  It allows us to release all of our products at once as a complete line, instead of piece by piece.  This should help with brand growth.

2.  Our Dachshund, Marlee, told us to do it.  We listened.
1.  We wanted to start 2013 off fresh.  Thats why we removed everything from our website.  To do that, we needed to come out with a "fresh" new product line that completed the vision we've had for our brand since day 1.  With your help we should be able to reach our $5,000 goal.  Every dollar will go into the completion of this project.   We are trying to build a brand that will provide quality USA made apparel for years to come.  


We are still about $1,600 away from our $5,000 goal and need your help to get there(and beyond)!  $5,000 is the bare minimum we need, so take advantage of the great deals we have over at our  Cape Crabbers Kickstarter Page and help us exceed our goal.  Pre-order our summer line today! 

Life is a Vacation, 

Zane & Melissa

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