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Posted on February 25, 2012 by Melissa Johnson | 2 Comments

Hey Everyone! Here's a small sample of our summer line that we are so excited about that we had to share it with you now!  Over the past week I've been showing this new logo to friends and family to see their reaction.  For me, I've always struggled with being able to get my guy friends excited about our Crabbers tees.  While I love the crab, I understand their hesitation to flaunt a giant crab on their chest.  With this new logo I feel like we're growing up as a company.  Instead of guys telling me "I'll get one eventually" I'm hearing "I NEED THAT!". 

The one thing I'm noticing is only about 50% of people get the concept of the double anchor.  For those of you that might be confused, the double anchor is supposed to represent the CC in Cape Crabbers (and Cape Cod to some degree).  It also is a symbol of the two of us (Melissa and I) who work hard everyday to eventually reach our dreams.  

 Let us know what you think of the new design in the comment section below!  Thanks for checking them out!

p.s Petey the Crab is still with us and you will see him on plenty of our new shirts!



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Christa Cardish
Christa Cardish

March 14, 2012

Love everything you guys are doing! I loved the new logo when I saw it but now that I have read what it means to you guys and cape crabbers i think it’s even better! Will definitely be purchasing some cape crabbers gear for the summer.. what you guys are doing is awesome!


February 25, 2012

Zane and Meliss! Love the new site and the new line! The double anchor is a perfect look! Can’t wait for summertime! :)

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