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Posted on June 10, 2011 by Melissa Johnson | 0 Comments

Hey guys! We're super excited to go out to the Cape for the month of July.  Our plan is to do the Wellfleet Flea Market a few times a week and meet a ton of new people.  Word of mouth is key, I think, in any startup business.  Although we've been around for over a year, it's definitely been tough to actually not be on Cape Cod promoting Cape Crabbers.  Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, we've been able to do what we've done so far!  In the upcoming weeks, we will be busy at work with our designs & screen printing them in our basement.  Even though screen printing takes up a ton of time and can stir up a lot of frustration, it's an amazing feeling to see what we've done when the project has been completed!  We hope you like the final shirts for Summer 2011 & can help us out this summer by telling your friends & family about us.  Remember: Cape Crabbers is an ever-growing family of people, young and old, who love nothing more then sharing their time with people they care about.

Happy Almost Summer everyone! 

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